Proposed Boundary Change – Information Clarification

As the person who instigated the proposed Stamford Bridge Boundary change in my previous role as the Independent ERYC Councillor for Stamford Bridge, I thought it incumbent of me to clarify some misleading information.

Living in Full Sutton I received the Full Suton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council Petition To Stop Proposed Boundary Change through my letterbox.

It is stated in the petition “..then they will join Pocklington Provincial Ward of ERYC”.

As I had previously discussed this with Simon Clark, Electoral Services Manager, ERYC when an ERYC Councillor I asked Simon:

“I recall conversations we had when you informed me that any change to the Ward Boundary would require action by the Boundary Commission and thus a change in legislation. Could you please confirm is this still the situation?”

Simon confirmed:

“Should any recommendations which are finally approved result in a potential change to the ERYC Ward boundaries, then you are quite correct that this matter would be referred to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England who would undertake a review in light of the ‘consequential’ change resulting from the governance review recommendations. This would not happen until the conclusion of the Stamford Bridge community governance review.”

I believe everyone will appreciate no one can state what a possible future decision of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England could be. As such no one can state if Godwin Vale will join Pocklington Provincial Ward of ERYC.

Moving Forward

It is noted that Sarah Davies, Chair of Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council and Councillor Leo Hammond, ERYC Councillor Wolds Weighton have put their names to the misleading petition.

I believe it should be accepted that Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council are limited in their experience and it is said that Councillor Hammond has youthful exuberance. As such a pragmatic approach should be applied.

I have suggested to Simon that he should embrace pragmatism and be mindful of the fact that any signed petitions he receives in support may have based their support on misleading information.

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