SBC Argos Leak – Leaked By Councillor …

Many will be aware of the leaking of the Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) Argos documents and that the leak discredited the project over the heavily inflated £22 million price-tag.

SBC Leader, Cllr Siddons – His Satanic Majesty

But it has still not been made public who was responsible for the leak. North Yorkshire Police and SBC very own Lisa Dixon have drawn a blank in their “investigation”.

As ever I am here to help our Lisa and those Police Officers who appear to be suffering from tunnel vision. I will make this really simple in two easy-to-follow stages:

Stage One

I can confirm that the source of the leak is a current SBC Cabinet member.

There are only seven – none are magnificent and all are political dwarfs.

Stage Two

I highly recommend that two of those listed above should be interviewed.

NB: Their addresses are listed to make it easier.

Are there any further stages required to be revealed for our Lisa and PC Plod to finally do their job?

All they have to do is ask Strangeway!

Further Information

For background information please read Argos “Leak” – Confession Forthcoming

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