Site Under Investigation – The Evidence

In Leeming Bar PSPO Ignores North Yorkshire Report questions were asked as to fields included in the PSPO for unknown reasons.

On Friday evening we parked where we did to gather evidence with regards the “Site Under Construction”.

  • A new tarmacked drive into a field with new gates from a newly tarmacked road.

  • The tarmacked road ends where the field ends.

  • A lovely new wide tarmacked road with white lines. To the right and left screening has been planted.

Further Investigation

  1. With an expensive road with screening to a small farmers field at taxpayers expense are plans afoot?
  2. Where exactly is the new Truckstop going?
  3. Is the taxpayer funding the infrastructure for persons unknown to build a Truckstop?
  4. Was the PSPO simply a tool to drive business to a new Truckstop?
  5. Have residents been hoodwinked into requesting the PSPO?
  6. Does Cllr Carl Les have any interest in the planned new Truckstop?
  7. Who else has an interest in the “Site Under Investigation”?
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