Parna Baby Safeguarding and Planning Smoke Screen

On Friday afternoon Councillor Parna Baby sent a letter “To: All Members of the Council“. But it was not sent to one of those members – Councillor Andy Strangeway.

Please see Councillor Parna Baby Letter to All Members

My Public Response

  • Chief Executives Legs

To state that the statement “flashing legs……is clearly a sexist comment” demonstrates a failure to understand the basics of the Equality Act 2010.

If such words are sexist many UK Nationals would have been closed down. It is not sexist and they are have been not closed down.

  • Upset Members

“I have been informed several Members are very upset by the situation.”

I suggest members should be upset by the failure of ERYC in Safeguarding and Planning instead of a lawfully taken photo of Caroline Laceys legs.

  • Not Expected of an Elected Councillor

“This comment is not one expected by an Elected Councillor”

The following is not expected of an elected Councillor:

  1. Conservative Councillor Parna Baby – Failure to declare interests
  2. Conservative  Ex Councillor Arthur Hodgson – Convicted of child abuse
  3. Conservative Councillor Kerri Harold – Breaching planning legislation
  4. Ex Conservative Councillor Dominic Peacock  – Vile comments
  5. Conservative Councillor Dee Sharpe – Late Council Tax payments
  6. Conservative Councillor Kay West – False planning statements
  7. Turning a blind eye to safeguarding issues
  8. Turning a blind eye to planning issues
  • Sex Act

“one of his latest posts relates specifically to a sexual act”.

Sex is a consensual act between adults, anything else can be described as rape, child abuse violence etc but NEVER a sex act.

Stealing four pairs of 8 to 9-year-old girls underpants from a swimming pool changing room in the East Riding and then masturbating with the underpants in an adjoining room is child abuse not a sex act.

Merry Christmas Parna Baby

I would like to be the first to wish Councillor Parna Baby a Merry Christmas.

I would suggest that any of the other 65 members who would like to do the same do so ASAP as my information is that Parna Baby is unlikely to be around come Christmas.

The Parna Baby safeguarding and planning smoke screen has failed.

Tis the season to be jolly……

For further comment North Yorks Enquirer.

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