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Kidney Stones – Back In Hospital

As it all became rather tender following my Kidney Stones surgery I was back in hospital on Saturday and finally left at 10.30 last night. My medication has been tweaked. While the tests surprisingly revealed I am very fit. Cancelled Meetings … Continue reading

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Kidney Stones Surgery – Thank You And Apologies

At the beginning of May I noticed blood in my urine. In the past three and half months I have experienced a great deal of discomfort which was addressed on Wednesday with the removal of Kidney Stones. Morphine has been … Continue reading

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The Independent Colour Is White

It is clearly stated in Color In Politics that “Independents unsurprisingly use white” and “White has been linked to pacifism (the surrender flag) and to independent politicians like Martin Bell.” It also clearly states that amber/orange is the colour of the … Continue reading

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Rewarded For Being An Independent Independent

Upon leaving the Independent Group I gave up my small office space in the crowded Independent Group Office. Nearest desk to door Yesterday in County Hall I was rewarded with a spacious office to work in. It is great to … Continue reading

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My Commitment Is To Pocklington Provincial Residents

I am pleased to see that Pocklington Post have confirmed that my commitment, as an Independent, is to Pocklington Provincial residents, the law of the land and the Nolan Principles.

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Strangeway Leaves The Party

At 08.45 on 5 July 2018 I officially left the Independent Party based at County Hall, Beverley as no Independent should ever accept being whipped and no Independent Group can whip an Independent as to do so the Group becomes … Continue reading

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ERYC: To Ban Councillor From County Hall

A media contact with an ear inside the top floor of County Hall has informed me that plans are afoot to ban a certain ERYC Independent Councillor Andy Strangeway from the building. Open Email To Caroline Lacey, Chief Executive, ERYC … Continue reading

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100th Completed Project/Issue 2018

Moor Road T Junction Sign Post is the 100th Completed Project/Issue in 2018. Making a total of 324 Completed Projects/Issues since being elected in April 2016.  I would like to thank everyone for requesting my help. In this term of … Continue reading

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300 Projects Completed

Last week I completed 300 public projects since being elected as the Independent ERYC Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial in April 2016. In my first year some thought I would be unable to maintain my work rate. The number of … Continue reading

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Two Years As An ERYC Independent Councillor

Two years ago today I was elected as the ERYC Independent Councillor for Pocklington Provincial. I love being a Councillor. What could be better than to serve those you grew up with? I have met some amazing people, made many … Continue reading

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