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My Apologies For The Delay

Over the past couple of weeks I have been busy on my brushes while at the same time attending various meetings and dealing with the most urgent Councillor matters. For the next two weeks I will be fully focused on … Continue reading

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September 2017 – Busiest Month

I would like to thank everyone for making September the busiest month on my site. Over recent months there has been a constant increase in people visiting this site. Over 600 people visited this site daily last month. As a … Continue reading

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1,000 Posts In Less Than 17 months

I started this site on 10 March 2016 as a portal for my political expression. Today less than 17 months later I have reached 1,000 posts. An average of 2 posts per day. My political life is currently mainly as … Continue reading

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Golf Texting

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Most Projects Completed In A Month

When I stood for the April 2016 by-election as an Independent I was amused to hear the Tories putting about that I would not be able to achieve anything as an Independent.I quickly proved them wrong by instigating what they … Continue reading

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150 Not Out

Today I have completed 150 public projects. There are many others which are known only to those involved. My role is merely to instigate. I would like to thank everyone who has requested my assistance. I have over a year … Continue reading

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Mathew Buckley Attempts To Shoot The Messenger

I am disgusted to receive an email from Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal and Democratic Services sent to myself and a fellow Independent stating: “I have to advise you both that I consider that you need to take this posting … Continue reading

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Independent Group Statement – Alleged Corruption

The following statement is issued by the ERYC Independent Group. “Recent allegations by a retired property developer in Cottingham have raised serious doubts about the integrity of the planning system in East Riding, citing collusion over many years between councillors … Continue reading

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One Year Ago

One year ago I was elected to be the Independent Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial. Since then I have met, helped and worked with some amazing and inspiring people. I have just over two years left to serve in this … Continue reading

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Wanted Urgently – Opposition

No political party won last night. Labour lost in Copeland and UKIP lost in Stoke. As an Independent I understand the need for a strong opposition to ensure good Government.Where is the opposition? Labour and UKIP are in constant melt … Continue reading

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